Census Date

  • What does the term Census Date mean?

    Many schools utilize a concept called the “Census Date” when determining upward and downward adjustments to a student’s financial aid award package. Since students often add or drop classes after an academic semester begins, a financial aid award may be adjusted to account for a change in enrollment. The "Census Date" is utilized by a school when determining when to assess a student's enrollment.
  • How does the Census Date affect me and my financial aid award?

    In the week following a school's Census Date, financial aid awards are revised to match eligibility based on the actual number of units in which students are officially enrolled. Depending upon the financial aid you receive, a change in your credit hours enrolled could have an impact upon the financial aid awards you are currently receiving. Your financial aid may be reduced, increased or nothing may change. Whether or not your financial aid is adjusted is based upon a variety of factors, which include your cost of attendance, federal, state or institutional program rules governing the aid you are receiving. If your financial aid is adjusted because of a Census Date adjustment, it is possible your student account billing statement could also be modified. If you add additional classes, you may be eligible for more financial aid. If you drop classes, you may be eligible for less financial aid and potentially owe your school money for financial aid you were not entitled to receive. In some instances, no adjustment to a student's financial aid award or student account billing statement is necessary. Your financial aid administrator can provide you greater detail regarding how any Census Date adjustments may impact your financial aid record and student account billing.